BTCDraft’s Famous St. Patrick’s Day Gold Bullion Giveaway IS HERE!

Today's the day we Draw for that St.Patrick's Day Gold Bullion Giveaway!

    Due to High Demand we have decided to give away Ten (10) 1 Gram Gold Bullions *.

At 10 Pm est we will draw 10 names from out user base of Verified users whom have played the minimum of 10 games.

That does mean that yes you still have time, about 12 Hours to get your selves verified and playing at least 10 games.

Now for you who don't know how to enter, here is the previous info re mentioned.

    It's SO SUPER SIMPLE!!! All you have to do is...
Follow these 3 easy steps to qualify and if your already Registered, Verified and playing, then you're already entered in the draw!
Step 1: Register yourself at
Step 2: Verify your account at
Step 3: Play a Minimum of 10 DFT Games
Step 4: Wait till the 17th of March! - TODAY!!
Ten (10) Winners*** will be announced on March 17th 2019! 10 PM EST

Just a recap ~
March 17th Update ~