BTCDraft Presents Our "Casino Gift Codes!"

We at BTCDraft are happy to announce that you can now "Create" your own "Gift Codes" for ANY Currency within your own Btcdraft account! ( )

These "Gift Codes" are a great way to transfer funds from one account to another or to hand out to Friends and Family!

There is NO FEE associated with the creation or activation of the codes, and best of all, the codes NEVER expire!

Each user can verify that their code has been successfully ACTIVATED by simply going to their "Purchase History" ( )

You can keep track of all the codes you have successfully activated by going to their "Activation History" ( )

Make sure to keep an eye on our Social Media accounts as we will be giving out Gift Codes now and then.

fDFT cannot be Transferred or Activated via Gift Codes. fDFT is for Free Play Purpose ONLY. And for all verified users, you are eligible for a free 50 DFT credit. Write support and ask for your "Super Special DFT Code" exactly like that.

More info @