BTCDraft's 8th game Launches! Gold Digger!

The BTCDraft team is happy to announce that our 8TH game "Gold Digger" has been deployed LIVE with Fast and Slow play on the Btcdraft gaming web site. We are currently unaware of any critical issues that may hinder the game performance but if you have any game suggestions or bug finds, we encourage our player community to report any findings to the support team. To ease the user community participation in "Gold Digger" game testing, the BTCDraft team will Airdrop 5000 FDFT to all users (verified and non verified) so they may have a chance at playing the game before it goes live with DFT. After a satisfactory soaking period (perhaps 3-4 days unless critical issues are discovered) we will deploy the DFT version of Gold Digger. We would love to receive your feedback on this new fun filled game.

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