BTCDraft is Proud to Present : Onsite STAKING & MASTERNODES!

It has been an interesting journey for all of us involved with Draftcoin and as usual, we want to thank everyone involved!

We are enthused to announce that we have brought Draftcoin Staking & Masternodes to the BTCDraft Platform.

We have started our Staking Program at Tier 1 with 8% APY and NO FEES.
There are 5 Levels of Tiers for Staking, Ranging from 8% all the way to 12%

Basic Staking Has no requirements but as you go through the tiers, requirements start to show up, like a minimum wagered amount per term period.

Staking can be withdrawn at any time from the Investbank, If you close the Investbank stake then you risk losing the reward for the specified term. However you keep any previous earned amounts from previous terms.

Masternodes will start at 15% for a LIMITED number of people. Only 35 people will get to enter the Masternode positions. Each of the 35 people will have the option to choose from 1 or 2 Masternodes. Masternodes Start at 50,000 DFT currently and run for 1 month Intervals.

There is a possibility of Tier 2 Masternodes based on total interest with higher rewards/ limits.

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